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Driver is slammed for stopping his ute across a disabled parking space

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A driver has been slammed for parking his ute across two spots dedicated for cars with disability permits.

A frustrated motorist snapped a picture of the white HiLux and 우리카지노총판 trailer stopped in a car park at Bayview Park in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The image was shared with Facebook group Downrigger Shop, who posted it to Facebook on Thursday.

A frustrated motorist snapped a picture of the white HiLux and trailer stopped in a car park at Bayview Park in Sydney’s Northern Beaches





Is this Australia’s dumbest motorist? Man is caught drink… Hilarious picture of a motorist who tried to load a…

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Share ‘He must be the most important person in the world,’ one viewer commented.

‘That’s some next level ignorance,’ wrote another.

A follow-up picture showed the motorist was fined $572 for 우리카지노총판 ‘park vehicle in designated disability parking space’. 

One viewer argued the motorist should have received two fines for 우리카지노계열총판 the offence as they parked over two disability spots.

Motorists with a permit under the Mobility Parking Scheme are able to receive parking concessions in New South Wales.

A follow-up picture showed the motorist was fined $572 for ‘park vehicle in designated disability parking space’



2019 Volvo XC40 long-term wrap-up: A premium little SUV that never let us down – Roadshow

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id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Enlarge ImageWe’ll miss this little Swede.

Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow While you can learn a lot in a week or two of driving a car daily, you learn so much more after a full year. That’s why we love taking what you might call a decidedly extended test drive of some of the more popular cars in the market, and given how many of you were clicking on everything we wrote about Volvo’s smallest and most attainable car, adding an XC40 to our long-term fleet was an easy decision.

Choosing how to spec it, however, required a little more discussion. Ultimately, for the car we called “The Swede,” we opted for the T5 spec, with a 248-horsepower, 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive. We added the $1,400 premium package to get us Volvo’s Pilot Assist adaptive safety suite plus other niceties like wireless charging. Ticking other boxes like heated front seats and metallic paint gave us a cost of $42,590 delivered.

The car started its time with us in California, where Managing Editor Steven Ewing got first dibs, concluding that our Volvo XC40 is “a really nice little car.” News Editor Kyle Hyatt was similarly enamored after taking our XC40 on an extended road trip, though former reviews editor Manual Carrillo III wasn’t quite so keen on the XC40, struggling to get comfortable.

Following a stint up in our San Francisco office, the Swede went on a little journey. We tied it up with a bow (not really) and packed it off for Detroit, where I took delivery and drove it back to New York, diving in the deep end with a 10-hour, 600-mile run along the wild expanses of I-90. Not the most exciting of introductions, but a great opportunity to test out Pilot Assist. The advanced lane-keep and adaptive-cruise systems, though well short of proper autonomy, do a great job of simplifying the more menial parts of highway driving. And, 우리카지노계열총판 while the little XC40 is a bit on the stiff side to properly absorb some of I-90’s more tired sections of concrete, the ride quality of our little ‘ute proved to be admirably good.

Boats on the roof, dogs in the hatch, bike on the back, ready for adventure.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow Volvo’s Sensus infotainment system, though a bit old and sluggish at this point, 우리카지노총판 still holds up well enough, providing easy access to vital functions like activating the rearview camera. The navigation functionality is on the basic side, but Android Auto support meant I was far more likely to rely on Google Maps anyway.

With grand plans of adventure on my mind, I fired a note off to Thule, which was kind enough to hook The Swede up with a roof-mounted rack system capable of hauling my pair of sea kayaks. Volvo also threw on a trailer hitch and, so augmented, the XC40 was a more than capable hauler for myself, my wife, our dogs, our boats and 우리카지노계열총판 my bike, even scoring 23 miles per gallon so encumbered.

I wanted to use that hitch for 우리카지노계열가입 some trailering adventures as summer turned to fall, hoping to put the XC40’s rated 3,500-pound towing capacity to the test — admirably high for such a little guy. Alas, an unintended series of camper scheduling changes nixed that plan. Always leave ’em wanting, I suppose.

As the seasons turned and the snow fell, the XC40 proved more than capable in the limited wintery conditions we’ve had thus far in the northeast. Importantly, the remote starting functionality provided by the Volvo On Call app meant the The Swede was always warm and welcoming, even when I’d left it on the other side of a big parking garage.

Why Travelling In Your Car To The Airport Is Always A Better Decision?

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Car parking becomes hassle if you have to travel to different parts of the country in order to fulfill your professional needs. Even if you have people back at home, it is not a feasible solution to opt for a taxi to go to the airport when you have you’re a car at disposal. Why will you pay money to the car rental company when you can reach the airport on your car? Why waste money unnecessarily? There are other disadvantages to car rental as well. There is no point experiencing all those no matter what.

When you rent a car you do not have the flexibility. Your movement gets restricted. Say for example: your flight is at 10pm in the night and you need to reach 3 hours before departure because you need to check in, 우리카지노 do the immigration, collect your boarding pass and so on. This means you have to calculate the distance of the airport from your home and book the car accordingly. In other words to reach the airport at 7pm, you have to start as early as 5:30pm. This is a complete waste of time. So as to ensure that there is no delay of any kind, you are booking the cab so early. If you were travelling by your car, you could have started at 7:30 in the evening and reached the airport well ahead of departure. With a cab you have to worry about whether it will arrive to pick you up on time or not. What if it delays? As such you end up booking the car so early in the evening. This is absolutely of no use.

When you rent a car you have to book well in advance so that you don’t have to pay extra for last minute booking. Moreover there is always a risk factor associated with last minute booking – what if you don’t get the car? What will you do then? Thus you end up booking in advance. You don’t have to bother or even think about these when you opt for your car.

With your car you are your own boss. You have the flexibility to travel as per your convenience. There is no waiting of any kind. You don’t have to get stressed about whether the cab will come to pick you up on time or 우리카지노계열쿠폰 not. Because if the car delays, everything will get delayed. However, when you take your own car to reach the airport, 우리카지노쿠폰 you know the distance, 우리카지노계열총판 you know how much time you will take to reach the airport and so you start accordingly. You are not answerable to anyone about your movements. Moreover you save the rental fee that you had to pay the cab driver. If you worry about where to park your car once you reach the airport, who will look after it and so on. Then there is nothing to worry about. with long-term car parking Perth Airport facility you can park the car in the terminal.

This contribution has been made by Ava M Williams who has written a number of articles on Car Parking Perth Airport and provides fruitful information.

Getting ready for one’s wedding involves a great deal of organising and putting things in place, also the need for wedding car hire if you’re not using your own car(s) for the occasion

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Getting ready for one’s wedding involves a great deal of organising and putting things in place, also the need for wedding car hire if you’re not using your own car(s) for the occasion.

As is the case with other aspects of your wedding such as arranging the church, synagogue or temple, for example, or flowers, caterers, music and reception venues, it is important to think ahead of time about issues such as transport and finding the best car.

In some instances, couples need more than one car, one for the bride and her father and also a car for the groom and his helpers. And then there are couples who need even more than just two cars. Because couples and their circumstances differ, wedding car hire is not always approached by all couples in the same manner. Circumstances dictate.

Some couples may want an unusual car such as something very small; others are lavish and want only the best and the biggest car from a bygone era. Fortunately, everybody can be helped provided one looks in the right places. The obvious answer is to approach a well-known, respected car hire service in the area or 우리카지노계열가입 region where you need the car on a specific date.

Dealing with a trusted, well-respected service will indeed help to alleviate certain worries such as where to find the most suitable car, and the best wedding car hire service will allow you to feel confident that they are the best, and that they will make sure you get the car you book on the date of your wedding. The best way to find a good firm is to look around and to talk to people that have used a similar service in the past or to simply log on and look at the internet.

The best companies all have a presence on the internet today. They advertise the cars they can book for clients, they make sure clients can see good photographs and they offer the kind of detail that would interest the prospective client that needs the assistance of a wedding car hire firm.

Very often clients want to know what other clients think of a specific firm’s service. Many firms will indeed show clients testimonials from their past clients.

When it comes to the reputation of a good service one would want to know that there is a great choice available in terms of the cars on the hiring firm’s books. The greater the choice, the better the chances are that you will find what you want on your big day. It is true that any client wants to deal with a firm that offers great selections. Most people would, therefore, prefer to deal with a wedding car hire firm that has, say, 우리카지노계열추천 500 or 600 cars to choose from as opposed to a firm that offers a choice of 100 or 300, for example.

Some services actually make it possible for clients to have a look at the car they want to book before they do so: they arrange a viewing at the address of the owner, or at a destination suitable for the booking service. This way some clients are able to make their minds up immediately.

What one needs to remember is that not all firms are equally good; therefore it is best to deal with wedding car hire firms that have been in the industry for a long time, firms with many cars to choose from, firms that are recommended for their professional behaviour and the quality of their chauffeurs.

Finding this firm ahead of time will certainly help to make your planning easier. Start out early enough.

At Premier Carriage we help all bridal couples arrive in style on their most important day. Whether you choose something from a bygone era such as the 1920’s, something classy from the 1960’s or one of today’s modern options, we can help you make your day memorable – truly unforgettable. If you want something unique like a bus or old-style limousine, talk us as we can help. We have driven celebrities, the aristocracy and everybody who wants a special car on their special day for more than 20 years. You can choose from more than 700 vehicles and be assured of the best service and attention to every detail. For more about us, please visit website a Good Firm to Hire a Wedding Car From is Essential

Choose The Quality of Cars From Car Rental Service

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Nepal is a well-known place for hosting adventure activities. Every year massive numbers of tours are organized in the destination by travel agents. In order to visit wonderful adventure sites in Nepal, you must Hire a car in Nepal to travel in comfortable vehicles. Lots of car rental agencies are available in Nepal who allows you to choose the best car for your journey. In the rental agency, you might acquire various kinds of a vehicle like a car, van, jeep, coaster, 우리카지노계열가입 and others. They offer cars to travel to major places. You might search cars based on your needs from the rental agency.

Car rental service providers offer vehicles at an affordable price to clients. They provide quality of service for tourists at all times. Car Rental in Kathmandu offers reliable condition of the vehicle to visitors to enjoy their journey in the beautiful vehicle. It is a simple way to find cars on your limited budget. Usually, 우리카지노총판 they offer discount rates for cars. Visitors might acquire the best pick up and drop off service from the rental service. Rental service providers are offering perfect service and assist you to visit all attractive places in Nepal.

Visit outstanding tourist sites:

Tourists might see different travel attractions in Nepal with a good car. The rental agency offers a car with experienced driver to visit most famous places in the destination. The driver takes you to amazing and stunning mountain landscapes. They are friendly and reach destination on time. You might gain new experience of an adventure with the rental service. You might discover wonderful surroundings and various views of mountain ranges from your family. You spend lots of time in Chitwan national parks and the highest peak in the world. Driver describes some brief information about adventure spots during the trip. They have good communication skills and guide you to explore possible places on time.

Book car online:

There are numerous cars listed in online that allow you to pick the perfect one. You might also explore facilities that avail in the vehicle. Car Rental in Nepal offers online booking option to visitors to host their holiday trip. Renting cars saves your time and 우리카지노 makes you book vehicles with a simple process. Also, they offer cars with good customer service. So, choose a rental car online and get memorable moments on your vacation days.

Alpine Car Rental was established with the intent to provide hassle-free car rental services to our customers at an affordable we write about Car Rental in Nepal and Car Rental in Kathmandu. For more information about this Visit Carrentalkathmandu

Voyo device retrofits cars with smartphone-controlled immobilizer, gas-saving idle-stop

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class=”cnetReview row” section=””> Voyo plugs into a car’s OBD2 port, usually located under the dashboard, and sends data to your Bluetooth-connected phone. Voyomotive Automotive startup Voyomotive takes advantage of a car’s OBD2 communications port and relay architecture to enable a multitude of connected and engine control features aimed at improving fuel economy and security. The company’s device, called Voyo, reads manufacturer codes from 1996-and-after model year cars and connects to your smartphone.

\uc6b0\ub9ac\uce74\uc9c0\ub178 \uc6b0\ub9ac\uce74\uc9c0\ub178\uacc4\uc5f4 \uc6b0\ub9ac\uce74\uc9c0\ub178\ucd1d\ud310 \uc785\ub2c8\ub2e4.\ub354\ud0b9\uce74\uc9c0\ub178 ...Voyomotive founder Peter Yorke stopped by CNET’s offices to demonstrate Voyo. The device was installed in a rented Chevrolet Equinox, which Yorke used to show how easily it could be installed in any recent model year car.

With the Voyo device paired through Bluetooth to his smartphone, Yorke enabled idle-stop in the car with a control on the Voyo app. Stopped in traffic, the engine shut down, 우리카지노총판 then started up again when York lifted his foot from the brake pedal. Yorke said the device gives drivers better control of idle-stop over cars that offer it as a standard feature, as Voyo simply requires a double-push on the brake pedal to make the engine stop.

Idle-stop helps save fuel by turning off the engine while stopped in traffic. Automakers have different methods of enacting the feature in their cars. BMW, for example, requires a hard press on the brake to cause the engine to shut down, with lighter brake pressure letting the engine run.

Voyo is designed to take into account battery level and other factors when activating its idle-stop feature, just as it does when built in by a manufacturer. However, air conditioning or 우리카지노계열총판 heating may shut down with the engine, depending on the type of car when using Voyo’s idle-stop feature.

The Voyo app also shows approximate stop light cycles based on crowd-sourced data, letting drivers know when the light is about to turn green. It measures the amount of time that idle-stop has been engaged, then shows how many gallons of gas the feature saved.

Plug and play

The main Voyo device plugs into a car’s onboard diagnostics port, known as an OBD2 port, enabling it to read running data from the car. This port is present in all cars from model year 1996 and up, and is usually located under the dashboard. With a GPS chip and Bluetooth transceiver, the device communicates with the Voyomotive data center through a Bluetooth-paired smartphone, sending data and the car’s location. Enabling further control, Voyomotive offers relays, auxiliary devices that plug into a car’s fuse box.

As with other OBD2 devices, Voyo remotely monitors cars, showing the GPS location and alerting the user to incidents such as hard braking.

Voyo includes a number of security features, such as an immobilizer and automatic door locking. With the immobilizer activated, the car cannot be started unless a previously paired and registered smartphone is in proximity to the car, even when the key is present in the car. Voyo can also be set to automatically lock the doors when its associated smartphone moves away from Bluetooth proximity with the car.

Yorke pointed out that, instead of just relying on Bluetooth authentication for security, the Voyo system uses a 256-bit AES encryption between smartphone and car, ensuring only registered smartphones can access the system.


Voyomotive is launching its connected car system as a Kickstarter campaign. The device itself costs $99, with additional costs for the relays that enable further features of the system. Voyo will launch with a base set of connected car features, with more available through subscription.

The idle-stop feature for the initial launch of the device will only be compatible with some GM, Ford and Toyota vehicles. Other features of the system will work in any 1996 model year and after car..

Automatic locking features of the Voyo connected car system will only work on cars with central electronic locking. The idle-stop feature may also not work as well on cars with large engines.